Refrigerated Warehousing

From our beginning, we’ve made a commitment to providing unparalleled service in storage and distribution. Keeping that pledge has earned us many years of steady growth and a long list of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their product. Our customers range from the smallest of local businesses to the largest of international firms. Take a good look at Crystal Distribution Services. You’ll see why we’re the clear choice for public refrigerated warehousing. The large capacity of our refrigerated storage facilities provide the flexibility to meet your immediate requirements.

  • Over 30,000 pallet slots
  • 6 locations to meet your specialized needs
  • Over 5,000,000 cubic feet of freezer and cooler space
  • Food processing rooms plus additional office space for lease
  • 40 truck docks and 7 rail car sidings available for fast and efficient service

Our location in the center of Northeast Iowa’s food production allows you efficient product transfer.

  • Freezers and coolers ranging from -20 degrees to 40 degrees
  • Excellent central location to all midwestern cities
  • Consolidated shipping for affordable delivery via all major truck and rail lines
  • Accessible facilities lower your transportation costs
  • Intermodal transportation increases your distribution options
  • Export/import from all points around the world

Our commitment to exceptional service gives you the advantage in performance, cost, and reliability.

  • General refrigerated storage for all types of perishable commodities
  • Blast freezing capacity up to 160,000 pounds daily
  • Full traffic service to lower your costs
  • Break down facilities, repackaging, labeling, and shrink wrapping services to reduce your labor expense
  • USDA-MID approved
  • Precise inventory control, tracking, reporting
  • EDI capabilities
  • On-site product repackaging allows you customized distribution
  • You can expect clean, organized storage
  • Guaranteed sanitation, safety, and security of your products
  • Cross docking
  • Trans loading
  • Slip sheet capability